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Gabriola Songs is pleased to announce a partnership with the Gabriola Lions to produce a 2020 online fundraising concert called Concert On The Screen – Music Of The Beatles. As per usual it will be on a Thursday night. August 13 – 7 pm. We are still laughing how well the name works! This is the Lions anual “Concert On The Green” fundraiser to raise money for the Gabriola community.

The actual concert will occur in a physically distanced performance space and be shown on-line using ZOOM. To go to the concert we will be providing an online ticket service where you buy a link to the show. There will also be a donate button to give money directly to the Gabriola Lions. Concert goers will have the chance to clap, and be seen if they choose to. The exciting part is the whole Isand is invited to watch the same show at the same time. It will also be a great oppourtunity to thank the frontline workers and celebrate our fantastic community. And of course, fundraise for the Gabriola Lions who do so much for our Gabriola Island.

Secretly we have been working for months on a replacement show for the annual Lions Concert On The Green Fundraiser. Once the name Concert On The Screen was hatched we have been busy putting all the behind the scene stuff together to make an online fundraising concert a reality. In the tradition of having cover bands perform at Concert On The Green, we have enlisted an all star Beatles Band of Gabriola musicians. The whole story is we were going to be doing a big Beatles Music concert in June at the Community hall. You know the rest of that story.

Here’s what we have so far:

Purchase Tickets here: Link Coming Soon from Ticket Tailor

Show Date and Time: Thursday, August 13that 7pm

Entertainment: Gabriolan Musicians performing Beatle Songs (Frank Sehr, Kelly Field, Ian Cox, Phil Owen, David Botten, Andreas Kahre, Chris Doherty, Jennefer Laidley)

Concert On The Screen, Gabriola Lions, Gabriola Music, Gabriola Musicians, Gabriola Fundraiser

Gabriola Musician Website

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Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band

Thanks for waiting. While you may have not known you were waiting, I have been diligently working on website pages dedicated to Gabriola Musicians. As I type this today I have just finished a list of 47 Gabriola Musician Pages. It is the start. More to come when I get the info. Please send me your info. You may ask why I’m doing this. Here is the long answer to that single word.

Why a Gabriola Musician Website?

I created a Gabriola Musician website out of the project Gabriola Songs. Gabriola Songs is 40 song CD of Gabriola Musicians singing from and about Gabriola Island. As the year went by I new I was collecting a treasure trove of info about our local musicians, composers, instrumentalists, song writers and even venues.

As I move forward I will attempt to catalogue and archive as much about Gabriola Music as I can. If you want to help, send me something you think I need to know.


Dave Teichroeb

The photo used on this page comes from our very own Cultivate Music Festival. The  Gabriola Musicians(Ken Capon Marching Band) are marching to celebrate the life of Ken Capon who passed away in October 2012.

Gabriola Musicians Give Four Thousand to PHC

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The Gabriola Songs Organizers are proud to announce that we have given a $4,000 donation to People For A Healthy Community( PHC). Dave Teichroeb, Gerry Stefanson and Ivan Bulic went down to the Gabriola Commons last Friday to hand over proceeds from the concert and sale of CD’s. The concert was a roaring success and  CD’s have been selling briskly since. A special thanks to Gerry for getting the CD’s to 15 local stores. He has also been hawking the Gabriola Songs CD at craft shows where he retails his Cymbal Wear Jewelry.

I’ll have picture to add soon of the grip and grab cheque hand over. For now enjoy this one. That’s Dave Teichroeb Explaining why we do this……

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