Gabriola Couchfest Musician Guaranty

Gabriola Songs is proud to offer a Gabriola Couchfest Musician Guaranty of $1000 to the Gabriola Couchfest. $100 to 9 Music acts(solo & groups) and 1 dance troupe. Each show is 30 minutes long. You can help by going to Couch Fest and buying a $10 ticket to a show or $40 for the whole festival.

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This event occurs Fri 22 May 2020 6:15 pm – Sun 24 May 2020 5:15 pm PDTon the web using Zoom. Tickets are $10 for each of the acts or $40 for all 11 acts.

Giving a $100 Gabriola Couchfest Musician Guaranty is Gabriola Songs way of helping out the Gabriola Musical community. Our initial concern was how many North American Professional acts are giving away their performances for free. Wouldn’t it be great to underwrite the efforts of our island musicians. A strong musical community always includes paying musicians.

It is impossible to holds a live show due to the Pandemic. Gabriola Songs was planning a 2020 summer festival this year featuring Gabriola Musicians. Naturally, we had to put our festival plans on hold till 2021. We care also exploring other ways we can partner to get funds to those musicians that need it most. In the meantime you can reminisce about the great Gabriola Songs music night we held by looking at picture from the release party. You can also still buy a CD or download as well.

The Gabrioa Couchfest was created by Julie Sperber of Gabriola Community Economic Development . She received money for Covid 19 Pandemic relief and hired Dinah Dee to create an online festival.

Stay tuned for more event plans from Gabriola Songs. Get out and support local music!

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With much love and thanks, Dave Teichroeb, Ivan Bulic and Gerry Stefason

Here is a list who is performing at Gabriola Couchfest:

Saturday May 23
11:00am The Kerplunks
11:45am Sarah Osborne
3:30pm Benjamin J. Sams
4:15pm Mad For Joy
7:00pm GMO (Gabriola Microsynth Orchestra)
7:45pm Nerdicus (I Music You Art)
Sunday May 24
11:00am Gabriola Dance3:30pm Paul Gellman
4:15pm Tina Jones