Greetings as we emerge from complete isolation. This summer(2020) Gabriola Songs was planning to hold Gabriola Summer Fest. Unfourtunately we have had to hold off until 2021 due to physical distancing concerns that come with a live music event.

What is the plan? The plan is to hold an evening and a day of local music at the commons in July 2021. A Friday night concert/dance to electronic music, pancake breakfest with live music, afternoon of live music and workshops and an evening dine and dance party to live bands. Possibly a studio tour on the Sunday as well. All local and paid to perform. Still spit balling on this. If you have input or ideas get a hold of us.

Gabriola songs is commiteed to increasing the amount of paid local music events. We believe a healthy musical community attracts more music. And that paying musicians for their art improves the amount and quality of music events held each year on Gabriola Island. That pay comes from you, the audience.

As always have a look at our musicians of Gabriola pages.

You can bet the Dog House Blues Revue will be there when Gabriola Summer Fest happens.

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Dog House Blues Revue
A spotify playlist of Gabriola Musicians